In the real sense, considering the proximity to the end of the premier league season, we can say that these two teams have nothing to lose. Liverpool is sitting undaunted in 1st position just waiting for the cup while Burnley is sitting in 10th position with the 11th team 4 points below. Burnley, however, has something to gain if they can pull in a win. They would jump right from 10th to 7th and above Arsenal, but is that possible?

Head to Head (H2H)

Liverpool seems to be getting the honor here. They have never lost a home game against Burnley since their last match. However, not much can be said about Burnley. As a matter of fact, Burnley has won just once and drawn once as well since their last eight head to head games. With the current form that Liverpool is in, can we suggest that Burnley can at least get a draw as the away team? You can guess the answer to that.

Winning margins

The winning margins since their last five matches against each other haven’t really been encouraging to the point where one can boastfully say that one of the teams would severely thrash the other. Liverpool has won 3 of their last five games, and Burnley has won 1, they also had one draw, and in all of these five matches, no team went ahead of the other with over two goals. Tomorrow’s event may not be any different since Liverpool wouldn’t be playing to go further and wouldn’t be scared of coming under. As a matter of fact, if Burnley comes with the energy to go ahead of Arsenal, they would bring it home.

Previous games records

Liverpool is more favored to win, mainly because they have not taken it easy with any team they’ve come across since their last five games. The only team that has won against them was Manchester City in a match that ended in an embarrassing 4 – 0 defeat. They also played a draw against Everton in their first match since the resumption of the league.

Burnley’s previous game records are just similar to those of Liverpool. Burnley has also lost one game to the same Manchester City side in a 5 – 0 loss, which was also an embarrassing one. They have, however, won three games and drawn just one. Although these two teams have similar records, is it safe to assume that they’re compared in terms of quality? Well, their standings would quickly answer that question.


The Liverpool side is burning with awesomeness when Burnley’s isn’t going to be able to match. With Van Djik and Matip adequately handling the defense, it will be such a difficult task for Burnley’s attack. However, with some skill and pressure, they might be able to breakthrough. Let’s not even talk about Liverpool’s offense against Burnley’s defense.


With Liverpool as the home team, we can easily say that with their current form and quality, Burnley will find it difficult even to find a draw. We will place the scoreline on two goals to nothing in favor of Liverpool.

The odds will be 1.3 for Liverpool’s win and 3.0 for Burnley’s win. For a draw, we’ll put it at 2.5.

May the best team win.