With Newcastle still in the 13th position and Tottenham in the 8th, it is challenging to state if any of these teams need to aspire too high as the premier league is coming to a delightful end. The two sides have done their best since the resumption of the league, but it seems their best goes nothing close to what the other teams on top can produce. Will Tottenham be able to defeat Newcastle to stay above Sheffield and, probably, Wolves? Will Newcastle secure the win and climb to 11th position? Let’s see.

Head to Head (H2H)

It is evident in their last five games that Tottenham has the upper hand in winning. They won 4 of their previous five games, and Newcastle took the last one, which happens to be the most recent. Judging from their head to head, we can easily say that Tottenham has a higher chance of winning the duel, however, considering Newcastle’s form and how they’ve managed, it can’t be ruled off so quickly.

Winning margins

These two haven’t been the best at scoring goals against each other since their last five games. The last time their duel ended with a 2-goal margin was in 2017 in a match that ended with two goals to Tottenham and none to Newcastle. However, Tottenham had managed to dominate the winning scene, winning with a hairsbreadth for four consecutive times until August 2019 when Newcastle came up to win it with one goal.

Previous games records

Although the two teams haven’t done great since the resumption of the league, Tottenham has managed to do better. They have secured a total of 11 points since their first resumption match. They recently won against Arsenal in a game that ended in a 2 – 1 win. That was right after they drew against Bournemouth, won against Everton, lost against Sheffield, won against Westham, and drew against Man United.

They’ve not been great, but they have been better than Newcastle, who has played seven matches since the resumption of the league and has successfully lost 3. Their last two games were losses against Watford and Manchester City. After they played a draw against Westham, they secured a 4 – 1 away win against Bournemouth, lost to Manchester City, drew against Aston, and prevailed against Sheffield.

As mentioned earlier, this team hasn’t done as well as its counterpart in tomorrow’s match, but it is possible to see anything in tomorrow’s game.


The Tottenham team hasn’t been great this season. Everyone expected so much from the team, but the expectations were cut short due to certain misfortunes that have befallen them. However, this is not to say that Newcastle would have the upper hand over them tomorrow.

Newcastle may also not have been doing well, but they’re excellent as a team in their rights. We cannot write them off, especially in tomorrow’s game.


The Premier League gets more unpredictable by the day, and this game is difficult to predict. However, the odds are in favor of Tottenham, so we can place the odds at 2.0 for Tottenham, 2.5 for Newcastle, and 1.5 for a draw.

May the better team win.